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April Spain

April Spain - Pianist/Vocalist -- Bio: I was born in Texas on April 3rd, but raised in the Wash. D.C. area where my family and environment exposed me to the sounds that shaped my musical style.

Although self taught on piano, I discovered that I possessed a natural talent and a four octave plus vocal range.

I have made music my life, performing jazz and a variety of favorites as well as some original compositions for audiences around the globe. Living in Memphis, New Orleans and touring Europe and Japan, I’ve gained a world view of music as an ever evolving art form. April Spain performs jazz and soulful pop in the style of Diana Krall and Nancy Wilson. Whether as a single performer, a duo, a small combo, or full band, April combines Swing, Standards, R&B, Sambas, and modern ballads into a blend of musical art and entertainment.

April Spain performs jazz.. and soulful pop in the style of.. Diana Krall and Nancy Wilson...

Whether as a single.. performer, a duo, a small.. combo, or full band, April.. combines Swing, Standards,..

R&B, Sambas, and modern.. ballads into a blend of.. musical art and entertainment...
The following are some of the venues in which I have performed..