Janeece Artist Friends

This is a group of three men that have a very unique sound. Their voices harmonize in a way that gives Hip-Hop and R&B a sound that moves your Sole.

To provide a background the group was founded back in 1995. They are just three simple individuals with an unorthodox harmony united to make love to every record they produce. Their faith and belief in God has kept us down to earth and very humble. They are more than capable of handling any musical task given to them with passion and drive. Keep in mind they are not only singers, but they also write their own lyrics as a group. They are like no R&B group out there. Those who have listened understand why they are going to withstand the time. Yet they know none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for their family and friends believing in them, even more to our loyal and dedicated fans. They greatly appreciate all of you and God Bless!