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B.A.M. Biography

The name B.A.M is becoming synonymous with great hip hop artist across the globe i.e. Drake, LiL Wayne, Joe Button, and lists goes on. While B.A.M is solo artist but displays great passion for his music! B.A.M is far ahead of his contemporaries, the strength of his vocal ability and his skills as a songwriter make B.A.M a genuinely unique and powerful artist.

His dynamic live performances thrill audiences as he effortlessly demonstrates his versatility, often paying homage to his influences as a highlight to his own clearly defined East Coast Hip Hop style. After arriving on the music scene as a solo artist a several years ago, B.A.M has established himself as one of the most exciting and promising new artists on the music horizon.

Born and raised in the Back Maryland in Atlantic City, NJ, B.A.M moved to Las Vegas in the late September 2009 to continue his burgeoning music career as a Hip hop artist, songwriter and performer. While he prides himself on producing the best quality song and performance. He is most often compared to Jay-Z, Joe Button, Drake and LiL Wayne mixed into one, and he does a tribute to all the people has helped him with in this Journey. About every 2 months B.A.M will pay homage to all of the God Father of Hip Hop i.e. Rev Run (RUN DMC), KRS-1 (Boogie Down Production), Doug E. Fresh, Sugar Hill Gang just to name a few.

As an independent recording and performing artist he has proven to be a passionate and driven individual; writing, arranging and producing his own releases and is an uncompromising advocate for his artistic creations and performing career. With 2 Mix Tapes releases and working on the 3rd. B.A.M talent as a songwriter, artist, and performer has not gone unnoticed. Both CDs have been praised for the quality and substance of the Lyrics and Beats. Nearly every track on Born 2 Shine and Mirror Dreams quickly became fan favorites receiving kudos on his Music. Born 2 Shine was Mix tape that B.A.M sort the most attention. He composed 21 Tracks on a Mix tape in 7 Days. This is something that has never been. Another credit that shows his Passion for his music! Look has his music My Space and you will see he is the #1 Most Played Hip Hop Underground Artist in South Jersey and #15 in the world. On one his Songs From Born 2 Shine titled Lethal Poison Had over 180,000 plays in 2 months of its release. B.A.M is receiving airplay on several radio stations across the globe.

Known far and wide as an intensely dynamic songwriter, artist, and performer, B.A.M. has earned a sizable following internet marketing using social media i.e. Face book, my space, blog TV. He has performed major festivals, Picnic Parties, Clubs, throughout South Jersey and Las Vegas. B.A.M. Headlined his own show on Nov 18, 2009 in Las Vegas at Caribbean Fun Stop. It was truly a sold event. such as San Diego Music Festival in Mission Beach (the only Hip Hop artist to perform), and co-headlined major club in Atlantic City and he performed in New York and been invited to open for artists like the Jay-Z, Drake, LiL Wayne. He has performed on stage with such notables as Drake, Joe Button.

The 80s

Growing up, B.A.M. was taught and heavily influenced by his father Tommie Sessoms Sr., who, he admits proudly in the liner notes of his most recent mix tape. B.A.M will dedicate all of his musical pursuits to his dad who passed away shortly after the release of B.A.M first mix tape in 2001.

At age 5, he listen artist like Run DMC. B.A.M’S entire family is musically gifted. He has younger brother who is also and inspired hip hop artist and a sister who has R&B voice from heaven. B.A.M would listen and master their sounds. He found that learning their songs came very naturally as his father had equipped him with the tools he needed to tackle just about any style of music. Much of the earliest techniques and songwriting, stage present fundamentals B.A.M learned from his father can still be heard in his music to this day.

"Probably more important in my music is the selection of beats from my producers” B.A.M emphasizes, "My father taught me the fundamentals of what it meant to be a great musician. He was an exceedingly intellectual man and he drove home his philosophy that becoming a great rhythm was an essential part of being a great hip hop artist and that the importance of learning to be a good support player as part of an ensemble was paramount in my pursuit of becoming a great musician."

His father's support and wisdom are the basis for much of B.A.M.’S Success "He always told me 'B.A.M, never be afraid to get on stage with anyone. Don't ever be intimidated. You can hang with anybody out there.' He was always saying things like that." he remembers. "One afternoon he was listening to me freestyle in the next room. I don't remember what I was rapping about, but it was probably loud and wild. After a minute he came in and said matter-of-factly, 'B.A.M, you are going to be one of the best hip hop artist on the planet someday.' It was a very powerful thing to say not because I think I am one of the best or that I think I will be one of the best but because when he said it I knew I didn't have to be it, I just had to believe it."

B.A.M says the guidance and support of his father combined with the unconditional support of his mother, brother, sister, and Best Friend Mr. Dante T. Thompson (Worldnet Entertainment President & CEO) has been the key. "My mother has to be the hippest and most enlightened, intelligent and tolerant person I know. My mother endured some of the loudest music known to man, and my late-night tests of new speakers with maximum volume. She has always supported and encouraged my music and is always the voice of reason when things go topsy-turvy on me in my music business endeavors. I could not have survived the challenging life of a music artist without her support and counsel. I can honestly say that everything I know and everything I've become I owe to being blessed with great parents."


While he focuses much of his time on his musical pursuits, B.A.M has vastly varying talents and interests. He is an accomplished songwriter and hip hop artist, and a devoted father to his 2 sons Anthony and Brandon.

All of B.A.M’S logos and promotional materials and CD covers are designed by is close friend Ms Whitney Allen. B.A.M is very particular of the graphics. He strives for perfection in his music, performance and his graphic design team,

Again B.A.M Best and Closest friend is Mr. Dante T. Thompson (Worldnet Entertainment President & CEO).

B.A.M is also a true worker, loves video games, very social person.

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