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Dj Mark Anthony

DJ Mark Anthony
Crooklyn Clan Featured Artist
Crack4DJs Artist
Aldo Ryan Entertainment

DJ Mark Anthony Bio:

DJ Mark Anthony exhibits qualities that surpass the expectations of your average DJ. Unlike other DJ’s, music came into his life unexpectedly, when his instinctive talent was revealed. Residing in Brooklyn, DJ Mark Anthony has spun at some of the most chic venues in New York, such as Marquee, Skyroom, Amnesia, and District 36. Not only is he valued among top 40 and house music venues, he has been utilized for an uncountable number of weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and other private events as an open format DJ.

DJ Mark Anthony’s perfectionism, confidence, and talent have been driving factors of his entire career. As a disk jockey for Bash Records, Aldo Ryan Weddings, and Sound Explosion DJ's, his ability to please diverse crowds is seemingly effortless. His career began during his high school years when he got a job as a “Rhode”. He transitioned from setting up equipment to being a motivational dancer. After an abundance of unsuitable responsibilities, his manager gave him the opportunity to provide clients with new form of entertainment. Spinning at a high-end wedding, for his first DJ gig, had pointed DJ Mark Anthony’s career in the right direction.

From a sole influence, thousands have been exposed to the unique sounds of DJ Mark Anthony. His music can be heard on CrooklynClan.net/914hitsquad, Crack4DJs.net/DJMarkAnthony, Clubzone.fm, TheHouseMansion.blogspot.com, www.Soundcloud.com/djmarkanthony, on the turntables at a high-end event, or during a weekly studio session. The Mixmaster covers all genres of music, which have been mastered through his perfectionism. DJ Mark Anthony’s strong presence in the music industry only continues to grow, along with his ability to excite his listener’s, and his unabated passion for music.

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