Janeece Artist Friends

'J-Von' born Javon Jaquess, was brought into this world May 13. Growing up in a single parent home, he had to learn to be the man of the house at an early age. While his mother was hard at work, he was enjoying life with his two sisters. Growing up in a house with only females taught him how to treat a woman and never disrespect them. It shows in his music. The young artist is very versatile. He specializes in Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Soft Rock. He considers his style “Hip-Pop”.

It all started back when “J-Von” was 10 years old. Him and cousin were messing around and started rapping on windows sound recorder. They started a little group of themselves called “Squad Up Boyz” and “J-Von” recorded under his government name Javon. It was all fun and games. J-Von didn’t really start becoming serious about his music until the age of 13 when he met Slikk Wayne. Wayne introduced Javon to a program called Adobe Audition and that’s when the music scene changed. Wayne told Javon, “How ‘bout you drop the “A” from you name and add a dash?” That’s when “J-Von” was born. For various years they recorded music and had a ball while doing it. Three years later when Javon turned 16 he took a trip to his hometown of Hopkinsville, KY to visit his cousin Demarco “Mr. P.O.L.O.” Harris. While visiting they got bored and made songs together. While listening to the music they thought to themselves why not form a group together. That’s when “Dos Fresco” was born. December 17, 2009. Everything was happening so fast. That same week they took a trip to Atlanta to meet with possible managers. They came out with a mixtape within a few months and received positive ratings saying they would go far. After one week the mixtape had over 10,000 downloads. MySpace was their main audience. That summer Javon flew from Hawaii to Atlanta to meet with Demarco so they could meet up with their then managers and have gigs and radio interviews. Nothing happened at all and all the money that was put into that summer was a waste. That’s when they realized you can’t trust everybody. Having struggling to get back to Hawaii, Javon was blessed that his mom came and took him back with her. Dos Fresco is still going strong but they both are still considered solo artist until one makes it.

As a group Dos Fresco had many accomplishments. Their biggest one being performing in front of 7000+ people at a high school block party alongside rap ally “Yung Tunez”. They have been featured on Ozone.com and were considered the “Outkast of the new school.” Javon has performed in the Hawaii HipHop scene for two years now and still going strong. Thanks to United DJ’s James Coles. Javon is now taking the next step in his career and seeking to take over the world.