Janeece Artist Friends
Juel's of Rome B. S.A.F.E.

"Building Safer Atmospheres for Entertainment"
B. S.A.F.E.

B. S.A.F.E. is a Program developed to build safer atmospheres in our communities night clubs, sports bars, restaurants, entertainment settings, etc., developing a strong Entertainment following through music & comedy.

B. S.A.F.E. building a foundation to stop the violence before it occurs. To cultivate teens & young adults through the entertainment industry, building opportunities through B. S.A.F.E. edification programs to prevent violence within our community Entertainment facilities. By assisting teen & young adults from crisis communities & reconstruction programs such as low income communities, parolees, D.A.R.E., Music Changing Lives, etc.

1) Provide occupational training for teen & young adults in the entertainment industry. 2) Empower an encouraging vision for teen & young adults promoting safe atmospheres for entertainment settings. 3) Encourage teen & young adults to maintain safer atmospheres within entertainment settings for all to enjoy.

B. S.A.F.E. Edification Training Programs:
" Street Teams
" Office assistants

B. S.A.F.E. teams up with comedy entertainment, live entertainment, & promotional entertainment companies delivering top quality entertainment events making it plausible to bring more celebrity acts to hidden communities.

B. S.A.F.E. promotes Community intensification:
Entertainment brought to our starving economical communities building our economy through positive growth where needed.
" Community growth
" Hope for small business owners
" More Jobs
" Enhanced opportunities

B. S.A.F.E. is a division of Century 21 Rehabilitation Svc. Inc.
(California nonprofit 501 (c) 3 & 509 (A) 1)