Janeece Artist Friends

They call me Wicked. I am currently locked up but I rap over the phone. I am serving a life sentence; been locked up since I was sixteen I'm thirty now.

I've had a passion for music my whole life but it wasn't until I was faced with death that I started writing my own. I just had an overwhelming desire to get the pain on the inside out of me; but also I felt my story needed to be told maybe in hopes that it would steer someone else off the path that I have walked.

My music is about what I have been through or what I am going through..

I hope it inspires whoever listens to it to become something greater, to dream bigger, to know that all things are possible regardless of your situation. We all make mistakes, we all fall, that's not what matters; what matters is if you learn from those mistakes and get up and keep marching. Thanks to everyone who supports and supported me along the way, I couldn't have done it without ya'll; I'll forever be grateful.

From the Penn to the streets...